Product and Packaging Design

If you want to make your own brand of products and/or your own custom product but have no idea of how to do it and don’t know where to start we here at Prestige Sourcing Group can make it happen! We have a team of designers which can help you with anything design related such as product design, packaging, logos and branding.

The complexity is completely up to you – we can always find someone to design whatever you need and find the best solution for your budget and volume. Many customers prefer just to use OEM products (the original factory which produces off-the-shelf items without branding) and place their own logo onto it and have the item packaged in their own custom packaging. Typically this is the route many Amazon FBA, Shopify sellers and retailers go for.

For more complex custom creations this is a more lengthier and costly process which will need numerous custom molds and prototypes produced.

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