Quality Control

QC or Quality Control is one of the most important aspects of sourcing products from China.

Often factories either do not conduct proper QC or they become very lenient. It is therefore important to have items inspected during and after production.

The scope of QC can be huge so you as a customer need to figure out what you want checked. Basically, think about what could go wrong in the production process and what defects may arise.

As an example, lets say a customer orders 1000 pairs of Bluetooth headphones with their own branding and packaging. A QC inspection could include ensuring the following is as specified or negotiated:

  • Battery capacity
  • Bluetooth chip
  • Materials
  • Colour scheme
  • Logo placement and print
  • Accessories all intact
  • Packaging and manuals not damaged

& other aspects such as:

  • Bluetooth receiver range
  • Function – powers on/off
  • Buttons working
  • Run time

This is of course an extreme example of a QC but as stated you need to figure out the scope of what you want done, the variance and how many units you would want tested, etc.



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