Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from your services?

Anyone who does importation of products from China, not limited but including E-Commerce, Amazon FBA, Shopify, Wholesalers and more. We provide tremendous value, reduce your risks and ultimately save you time and money.

Why do you not list pricing on your website?

As each and every clients requirements can differ it is hard to establish a one size fits all pricing structure. Once we establish the scope of what exactly you need we can work out the fee, this will either be a percentage of the total order cost and/or an hourly fee. Minimum charges are applicable. Please contact us outlining your scope so we can best serve your needs and quote you accordingly.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The most payment methods are T/T (wire transfer) and PayPal. For PayPal a surcharge is applicable to cover the PayPal fees. Other payment methods can be arranged on request – simply ask and we will see what we can do.

There is a service I need done in China but your website does not list it?

We pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions for clients and are more than happy to discuss anything you need done in China without you physically having to be here. So, just because a service is not listed on our website does not mean we cannot offer it. Please contact us to enquire.

Why use a Non-Chinese owned Sourcing Agency?

1. Eliminate language barriers

Many Chinese run sourcing agencies speak limited English, this creates more barriers to trade. If you are already having difficulties communicating with the factory why would using a agency with poor english be helpful?

2. Cultural understanding and ideas of quality

Language barriers are one thing, but cultural expectations and expectations of quality is a whole new kettle of fish. Western and Eastern expectations on deadlines, quality and life in general can be extreme opposites. We understand both sides thus can get the best results for you and your business.

3. Most Chinese-run agencies operate on kick backs

Many suppliers work with preferred factories for their own personal interests and not the customers! It is industrt standard in China for ‘ying-yang’ invoices for foreign customers – meaning invoices for a higher value being provided so the sourcing agency gets more money, this is on top of money being given by factories to the sourcing agents! We are highly opposed to this practise and will not allow this to happen.

4. You are paying for premium service

Some agencies will charge low hourly fees or commission because of the above reasons of kick bags and other hidden charges. We prefer to be up-front about all costs. What may seem more expensive with us for premium service will likely end up costing you less than ‘cheap agencies’.

Please note this is just a general opinion based on personally knowing and dealing with a number of sourcing agencies and does not necessarily represent all agencies.

Where in China are you based?

Prestige Sourcing Group is based in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

Can you travel to other cities or provinces?

Yes, definitely. We regularly travel to other cities in Guangdong province such as Guangzhou and Dongguan. Depending on your requirements we can travel anywhere in China, however travel costs will be bound by the customer.

Do you only take on large clients?

Absolutely not. We are happy to take on all clients, regardless of your size and/or requirements. However we do have minimum charges which must be met, however it is definitely worth it as we can provide you a lot of value.

If you have any questions which are not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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