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Frequently Asked Questions

Check some of our frequently asked questions here.

If there’s something not mentioned here on our website that you would like to know – please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Remember, here at Prestige Sourcing Group we like to think of ourselves as being your ears, eyes and hands on the ground in China.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering our clients custom solutions according to your requirements.

Sourcing and Supply

Typically the order value needs to be at least $10,000 USD / $15,000 NZD. Depending on capacity at the current time, we may still be able to help you so if you are a smaller business, don’t let this put you off contacting us.

We typically have 3 main models.

1. You provide the supplier and pay them directly, we provide value added services in which you pay us a fixed percentage of the overall order value or our an hourly rate.

2. We find the supplier for you, and send you an invoice for the total amount based on your scope.

3. A hybrid of both options – a commission, hourly rate, total project cost – whichever is higher dependent on the scope of services required.

NOTE: Shipping can fluctuate so this will be quoted separately, prior to shipment. We can however provide an approximate quote beforehand.

We will not supply or source any counterfeit, copyright infringing and/or other such illegal products.

We can supply and ship goods to any country which is not on the standard Trade Sanction lists.

Although we specialise in goods within Guangdong Province, we have an extended network and depending on the scope of the project should be able to find a solution for you.

Freight & Warehousing Services

Generally, we only offer freight services to existing clients as a value added service. But if you are having difficulty getting freight quotes and / or require consolidation contact us. We do have access to great freight rates which are often cheaper than what most clients can get themselves.

Yes, freight charges often fluctuate and are influenced by demand, weather, fuel prices and whether there are any delays or troubles on specific shipping routes.

We can offer storage in China – usually up to 30 days for free for customers consolidating shipments. Otherwise, nominal charges may apply.

This all is dependent on the size of your order and value of your goods. For items outside of Guangdong the factory will generally arrange domestic shipping to one of our designated warehouses.

eCommerce Seller Services

Yes, we can ship to Amazon FBA Warehouses worldwide utilising DDP.

Yes, we can print your Amazon FBA FNSKU labels and apply them directly to the products individual packaging and follow any other Amazon requirements to ensure packaging is compliant.

Yes, we can print barcodes and affix them to your products inner cartons and outer cartons.

Great, everyone has to start somewhere and we hope our website can be helpful for you.

In terms of being a client of ours, unless you have a reasonable budget to start with, we will likely be to expensive for you and you will not reap the same benefits.

We source directly from the source therefore don’t need to ‘dropship’. If you are however a proven dropshipper and want to expand your business by having your own inventory and store + ship from China, we can possibly help.

We are open for new clients. Let's solve your China Sourcing problems together.